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Major update for Thundermaster

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Major update for Thundermaster

I’ve had a few big feature updates to Thundermaster in the past couple weeks.

  • AEG has graciously given me permission to use some Thunderstone graphics to spruce it up.
  • I’ve added support for localization. It’s now available in French and German. If you’d like to help add additional languages, please see these instructions.
  • Thundermaster will now use your browser’s application cache, where available. As a result, it should be available offline.

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  1. ath3ist said
    You have made a truely amazing tool. However, it doesn't render the controls on Windows Phone 7 IE. I haven't upgraded to 7.5 (Mango) yet, but i will test with that as soon as it hits my phone.
  2. Asmor said
    Thanks for the heads up about that. What browser are you using? I used to have a Windows Phone 6.5, and it worked running on Opera on that OS.Could you be a bit more specific? Is it possible to take a screenshot? I don't have any way of testing on WP7.
  3. Dan said
    Thanks for making such an excellent tool. Me and my girlfriend don't play TS without it!ps. Works fine in Windows Phone 8 browser.

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