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Two tiny, awesome utilities for your computer

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Two tiny, awesome utilities for your computer

I’d like to share two little tiny programs whose sole purpose in life is to sit unassumingly in your system tray and make your life a little bit more convenient.

Quick caveat: I’m using both of these programs, and I’ve scanned them for viruses at some point. As always, use your own judgment, and scan them yourself using up to date virus software immediately after you download and before you install.


WizMouse makes your scroll wheel work in any application, even when you’re not focusing on the window. It’s always been a minor annoyance to me that most programs require you to focus on them to scroll. It also has a setting to simulate moving the scroll bar, so that you can scroll in applications that don’t natively support scrolling (or don’t support it well).

Always On Top

Always On Top has been hugely convenient for me. It allows you toggle any window’s “always on top” flag on or off by pressing control+space. I use it, for example, to keep a tiny notepad window on top of something I need to copy and paste lots of snippets from. You can also use it to prevent a window from being always on top, as some inconsiderate software does.

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