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I think I’ve finally made the last random generator I will ever make… OmniGen.

OmniGen is an engine which makes it fast and easy to create random tables which can reference each other and lead to some really cool results.

Give it a try. I’ve got a few presets to show what it’s capable of, and you can even create your own custom ones.

To create a custom generator, you just create a sentence like “My milkshake brings all the [Sex]s to the yard.”

See how [Sex] is in brackets? That means it’s going to lookup on the Sex table, which has two entries; “Male” and “Female”

You could also use [sex], which would do the same thing except force it to lower case.

When you click custom, it’ll show you a list of the tables currently available, and you can click on any of them to quickly add it to your generator.

If you have any ideas for new tables or generators, let me know!

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