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I Hate My Blog Too

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I Hate My Blog Too

So welcome to Asmor’s Geek Blog, and I hope you enjoyed MC Frontalot’s entirely-too-appropriate song, I Hate Your Blog.

Consider this a bit of a teaser. I’m going to be moving this month, and rather than trying to launch the new blog in the middle of all that I’m writing posts as I get the time to build up a queue. My first “real” post is scheduled for May 17th, and from then on I’m aiming for three “major” posts a week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Mondays and Wednesdays will be either reviews or editorial-style opinion pieces on geeky topics. Every Friday will be Music Friday, where I’ll post a song I think you’ll all enjoy and try to give out some loving to talented independent artists.

Anyways, go ahead and sign up for the RSS if you’re interested. What’s one more feed, right? Google Reader does all the hard work for you…

So in parting, see you all May 17th!

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